Did You Actually Enjoy Rehab?

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If everyone were to be completely honest, you’d find that most people don’t want to go to rehab. Being away from home is often uncomfortable, and going to addiction treatment means that you are already dealing with some challenging issues. You may also worry about being bored or having to spend time with people that you don’t know. Lots of people also dislike the idea of having to live on someone else’s schedule. Being told when to go to bed or what time to eat breakfast might not seem like your idea of fun, but there’s also positive things about going to a treatment program. Asking did you actually enjoy rehab means that you’re likely on the fence about going to a structured environment. While you’ve definitely got some good reasons for being concerned, I’m glad to tell you with confidence that I did end up having some fun.

A lot of the time that you spend in rehab is spent doing things that most people consider to be mentally hard work. Yet, every quality treatment program has things built into it that make it not so bad at all. I was initially hesitant about going to a rehab program. For me, going to rehab represented a huge change that didn’t necessarily promise any clear outcomes. Everyone kept telling me that it would help me feel better, but all I could focus on was the things I was giving up by admitting that I had a problem with drugs. Although it did take some time, my friends and family finally got through. I’m glad to say that rehab included some fun moments, and exploring your thoughts about going to treatment can help you see that you can enjoy sobriety when you seek out support.

What Is the Hardest Thing About Rehab?

The most difficult part of rehab is honestly making the decision to go. Now that I’ve gone through it, I can tell you that I built all of the stress up in my head. Going into a treatment program doesn’t feel weird at all. From the moment that I walked through the doors, I realized that everyone there understood what I was going through. There was no judgment sent at me from the counselors as I talked about my problems. The other people in the treatment program were also surprisingly normal. I met people from a wide range of backgrounds that all had amazing insights into what life is like with an addiction.

It might seem strange, but the rules were even okay. Knowing what was expected of me made it easier to get through those first few days of sobriety. Interestingly, I didn’t even mind needing to eat at a certain time since it meant that I had a hot and tasty meal waiting for me without the stress of having to cook. Seriously, the worst part of rehab happened before I ever went. All of that going back and forth in your mind is the worst, and entering a program feels like a big weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

What Do You Actually Do In Rehab?

I think a better answer to this question is what didn’t we do. Rehab was full of exciting moments. I’ve heard that activities can vary from one center to another, but you’ll find that most of your day is spent engaging in things that help you understand yourself better. You’ll definitely spend time in counseling, but even your therapy sessions are fun. You may cry a little bit as you talk about your past with an individual counselor, and there’ll definitely be some emotional moments in group counseling. However, you’ll also laugh and relax as you loosen up and learn fun ways to manage your stress.

During your downtime, you can do lots of things to start understanding how sober life is fun. Some of the fun things that you can do in rehab include the following:

  • workout in the gym
  • play an outdoor sport
  • read a book
  • draw or do an art project
  • visit with your family
  • laugh with your new friends

What Did You Learn the Most About Being Sober?

Whether I was having fun or working hard on exploring my reasons for using drugs, the one thing that I consider the most important is that I found myself again. Learning that I am strong and capable feels amazing. While I knew it deep down inside, being able to express the good parts about myself through conversations with the people that I met in rehab helped to reinforce the idea that I can thrive in sobriety. My hope is that you can soon feel this way, too.

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