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When individuals suffering from addiction begin to explore their options for getting sober and clean, there comes a daunting realization: putting a stop to their substance abuse may take multiple efforts before measurable progress begins to show itself. Knowing this, they often find themselves getting discouraged, losing hope, feeling lost and turning back into the throes of their self-destructive behavior. But what about the people who do become sober in the long run and keep their priorities in check? How many times, on average, did they have to return to a rehabilitation center to free themselves of their habits? If you are currently in this position or know someone who needs help becoming sober in the upcoming year, here’s what you need to know.

Each Patient Is Unique

In the same way that medical facilities base their treatment on the patient’s unique biology and genetic makeup, rehabilitation professionals have treated a myriad of patients. For some individuals, visiting a rehab facility once was enough to turn their life around for the better. For others, it may take numerous visits before they can harness the tools and technologies that can keep them sober for the duration of their lives.

There are underlying factors that improve a patient’s odds of becoming sober and sticking to it once they leave the facility. Although these strategies and techniques are not guaranteed to keep a patient sober for an extended period, it gives them hope and motivation to move forward each day:

  • Using external factors such as children, family, friends and loved-ones as motivation
  • Setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals
  • Following a productive routine and abiding by time constraints
  • Surrounding themselves with sober friends and family
  • Eliminating environments and habits that lead to substance abuse
  • Avoiding toxic relationships
  • Maintain their health and fitness regularly
  • Implementing tools and strategies learned within the rehab center
  • Assisting others with their commitment to sobriety
  • Identifying their triggers and avoiding those environments at all cost

Each of these tools and ideas will allow you to stick to your grand vision with greater ease and success. By following these methods and tactics, you can reduce the amount of time spent within a rehabilitation facility and more time leading a productive lifestyle.

Are There Successful People Who Went To Rehab Multiple Times?

A common misconception is that the more times you reach out to a rehab facility, the less likely you are to overcome your addiction. Without a doubt, this is the most harmful and destructive idea that a patient can have before entering a treatment facility. Numerous individuals, including those you see on television, read about in books and hear on the radio, have become sober after repeated rehab visits. Some patients look for help five, ten, fifteen or twenty times before measurable change begins to take hold of their lives. No matter how many times it takes for you to become sober, taking another step forward and getting back on the horse is paramount for your health and well-being. Rather than becoming pessimistic about your future, harness the lessons and wisdom that a rehab facility can instill in you!

Serve Others To Better Serve Yourself

Furthermore, extending a helping hand to other individuals struggling with substance abuse can help you maintain your sobriety. When viewed as a leader and sobriety mentor to others, your ability to thwart off cravings and addictive habits becomes easier to manage in the long run. Reach out to the individuals around you and lend a hand when they’re struggling with their behaviors. By doing so, you not only help that person, but you assist yourself with your newfound ability to stay sober and substance-free!

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