If I’m In Sober Living, Can I Go Home On The Weekends?

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Sober living homes often provide a temporary residence for people who need to recover from addiction. But the goal of these facilities is not to keep you cooped up all the time. Sober living homes want you to get better and to return to your regular life as soon as possible.

What Are the Rules and Regulations of Sober Living Homes?

Each sober living home has its own set of rules and regulations. But in general, you are allowed to leave the premises on the weekends. However, you may be required to check in with staff or sign a waiver before you leave. You may need to inform them where you will be and how long you expect to stay there. If a staff member approves of your location, they may let you leave for the weekend.

What You Need to Consider before Going Home on the Weekends

There are a few things you should keep in mind before you go home on the weekends.

Relapse Prevention Plan

First, make sure that you have a solid relapse prevention plan in place. You should also have a support system in place, whether it’s friends or family members. You can even rely on sober living home staff by letting them know who to contact if you don’t come back at the designated time.

Details Of Your Location

Make sure you know the address and contact information of your destination. You should also have a plan to get back to the sober living home. Your ride may not always be available to take you back, so make sure another form of transportation is available.

Too Many Distractions At Home

Is your home environment too loud or crowded? Do you struggle to stay sober at the location where you are expected to return? If so, it may be better to wait until you feel more comfortable before returning home.

Length of Your Leave

Make sure you know how long you are allowed to stay away from the sober living home. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this situation, especially if you have a tendency to relapse if you go back home for too long.

Other Living Conditions

If you feel like your sober living home environment is too restrictive, ask staff about the possibility of transferring to a different home.


Make sure you have enough money to cover your expenses while you’re away. You may also need money to get back home. Money should not be a factor in your decision to return home or not.

Traveling with Medications

If you are taking medication for addiction, you may have to bring those medications with you. Sober living homes usually have a strict no-drug policy, so it’s important that you are compliant with the rules.

Insurance Coverage

If you are covered by insurance, check with your provider to see if you are covered while traveling.

Have a Backup Plan in Place

In case of emergency, make sure you have a backup plan in place. Just in case you need to change your plans, have a plan B or C already in place so that you can easily shift gears if necessary.

Agreement with Sober Living Home Staff

Before leaving the facility, make sure you have an agreement in place with sober living home staff. You should also let them know how long you expect to stay away. The agreement should be part of your relapse prevention plan since it helps to ensure your safety.

Your State of Mind

Lastly, make sure you are in a good state of mind before leaving. Are you feeling strong and confident? Or are you feeling weak and vulnerable? If you’re not feeling your best, it may be better to stay put for a few more days. Your state of mind will play a big role in your decision to leave or stay at the sober living home. Sober living homes are not meant to trap you. They are meant to help you recover from addiction and transition back into your regular life.

As long as you abide by the rules of each home, you should have no problem going home for the weekend. Going home on the weekends can be a good way to practice living a sober lifestyle. But make sure you have a plan in place before going home and that your state of mind is strong. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, consider seeking help from a sober living home. There are many homes to choose from, so find the one that best suits your needs. Contact us today at (833) 922-2653 and get started!

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