Is Staying Sober Really Worth It?

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You might be wondering to yourself if staying sober from drugs or alcohol is really worth it? I used to feel the same way. In fact, I used to think that staying sober was pointless because I didn’t think anyone cared enough to help me overcome my addictions.

Everything changed for me when I hurt my wife physically while I was on one of my drinking and drugging sprees. She filed for divorce and won. I later lost everything else that was important in my life after she filed charges against me.

I Finally Got the Help I Needed

I finally got the help I needed when the judge in my case sent me to a sober living home that helps people like me overcome addictions to alcohol and drugs. It was in a peaceful area that allowed me to calm down and relax. It offered perks such as good food and a comfortable place to live that gave me the stability I needed to stay on track. Moreover, the people who worked there included highly trained therapists and substance abuse counselors who treated me with respect. This gave me everything I needed to begin the long and often painful task of getting sober and staying sober.

Yes, the work was painful. I felt sad and angry a lot of the time. There were even some days where I wanted to give up and go home. But you know what? After working with my counselors and therapists for a while, I began to feel better about myself. I soon discovered that I was worthy enough to be sober. This gave me the motivation I needed to get sober and stay sober. It also gave me the motivation to finish my program because I realized that my sobriety is worth everything in the world to me and I needed to fight with everything I had to obtain it.

Here is How They Helped Me

The therapists and substance abuse counselors who helped me offered me a customized program that helped me get sober and find ways to maintain my sobriety. Here is how they helped me:

  • I got to talk with a therapist who helped me discover WHY I drank and used drugs.
  • I participated in group counseling sessions that helped me discover better ways to manage my feelings and urges.
  • I met often with my counselor who helped me plan and maintain a roadmap to sobriety that I could customize to meet my needs. (Do you know how empowering that feels to feel like you have control over your well-being?)
  • I also got to visit with a highly trained medical provider who made sure my body was able to heal itself while I was getting sober.

Your program might be a little different than mine because everyone has unique needs to help themselves get sober. However, everyone who helped me were highly trained professionals who had the experience and the compassion needed to help someone like me get better. I also know that the methods they used to help me are backed by the latest mental health and cognitive research. As a result, I feel confident that I got the best treatment to help me become and stay sober.

You Deserve to Be Sober

I was finally discharged after about 40 days of treatment. I feel good enough to work again and my family is working with me to mend our relationship. I work with councilors to help me maintain my sobriety because this has helped me manage the feelings that made me want to use drugs and alcohol in the first place. They always remind me that I deserve to be sober. They are right. I do deserve to be sober. As a result, I work hard every day to keep my sobriety.

You deserve to be sober, too! Yes. You. You deserve to be sober because you are worthy enough to be freed from your addictions. You are also worthy enough to treat your mind and body with the respect that they deserve. If you believe these things, then you have taken the most important step towards becoming sober. For, you must WANT to be sober to commit yourself into putting in the hard work needed to overcome your addictions. No one else can do that for you. You must do this yourself.

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