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An addiction intervention is where friends or family members take a proactive step to motivate their loved ones to join a treatment program for addiction. Generally, interventions are ideal when people are unwilling to look for help from rehab centers.

Additionally, an individual might be much into addiction that they don’t even recognize they need help, hence the need for intervention. The main objective of addiction intervention is to combine efforts towards helping drug addicts to resume normality.

Addiction usually develops from simple drug and substance use to a point where you cannot function without them. To help someone in such a situation requires professional support. Having a friend with drug addiction issues can be upsetting and can even cause challenging emotions. However, despite the condition of your loved one with the addiction, they can also get help and recover.

Purpose of Intervention

Generally, interventions are ideal in cases where family and friend’s effort to persuade a drug addict patient to seek help fails. It is an effective process to help individuals with heavy substances problem, yet they don’t accept that fact.

However, the involvement of family members and friends helps in expressing a powerful message. Additionally, the individual is likely to take this act more severe than when said by a friend or a loved one as an individual. In most cases, the expression of this nature usually yields better results as most individuals accept to join treatment centers where they recover from their addictions.

How an Intervention Works

Typically, interventions involve individuals struggling with addiction issues joining a meeting arranged by family members and friends. During the meeting, the organizers will read their written letters expressing what the individual means to them.

Additionally, they will also express how the individual addiction affects their lives and how they view their future relationship. The letter should conclude by requesting the person in need of help to join a treatment center for assistance.

Compassion, respect, and support are crucial factors during the addiction intervention process. The main goal of planning for the meeting is to express hope and that the individual requires help. Following the friends and family intervention, most individuals proceed to seek addiction treatment.

How to Plan for An Addiction Intervention

Before you consider staging an intervention, be sure to take some time to prepare yourself, family members, and friends. Typically the success of this process is based on proper preparation. Following are some tips to help you prepare for an intervention.

Chose the members you wish to invite in the addiction intervention, preferably a small group. While selecting the intervention group, it is recommended that you include those with a close relationship with the individual. Also, the members should be people willing to give their all to see that the individual recover from addiction.

Once you chose your attendees, ask them to develop a letter to be shared with the individual during the intervention. Be sure to emphasize the tone during the intervention, which should portray sincerity and compassion. Additionally, remind the selected group of the main aim during the intervention meeting, which is to persuade the individual to seek treatment and support. There should be no criticism or such as this could result in unsuccessful intervention.

In addition, all group members should be ready for some anger, resistance, and frustration expressions. While your loved one will agree to attend the intervention meeting, anger might arise somewhere between the conversation. It is therefore essential to be ready for such a situation. Also, be sure to allow the individual sometime to cool down before you continue with the conversation.

Intervention Models

Generally, there are various addiction models available. Depending on the condition of your loved one, your addiction professional will have to help you chose the suitable one. Nevertheless, despite the mode chosen, it is essential to note that this is a vital aspect of achieving a successful recovery.

An intervention is usually the first step towards attaining complete sobriety and abstinence. Once your loved one accepts to enter treatment, there will be continued assistance throughout the process of living without addiction.


Typically, an addiction intervention can be an emotional and challenging experience for people involved. However, we have an addiction intervention guide to help you learn various interventions approaches and steps following an intervention process.

If you have a family member or a friend with an addiction issue, we offer an addiction assessment to ease the treatment process. Are you ready for help? If so, be sure to call us today at (833) 922-2653.

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