What is a sober living facility?

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After completing your stint in rehab, you will be faced with the task of returning home to rebuild your life. For some people, that is a daunting task that’s filled with peril if they don’t succeed. So, what are the alternatives you have at your disposal if you don’t quite feel ready to return home?

Perhaps the most interesting alternative would be to find yourself a sober living home in which you could reside while you continue to pull your life together. Sober living homes exist for one reason. That is to provide recovering addicts with a safe place they can go as a bridge between treatment and the time they will need to resume living the life they were intended to live.

A sober living home is a facility that provides people in recovery with a safe haven. During their time in a sober living home, each resident is expected to continue building on the recovery they started in rehab. These facilities are often managed by other recovering addicts who have been able to garner a lot of significant time as a sober person. The advantage of having a former addict managing such a facility is they know by experience what the trials and tribulations someone new to recovery is going to experience.

  • No inappropriate fraternization with other residents
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol or drug use without a doctor’s prescription
  • Regular and random drug testing
  • Successfully completing all assigned chores within the sober living home
  • Participation in additional drug counseling or 12 Steps meetings
  • Ability to show good progress in sobriety during the stay

The Two Primary Objectives of Sober Living

During your time caught up in the cycle of addiction, it’s very likely you lost control over your life. You might have had difficulties at work/school and strained a lot of your personal relationships. Basically, you lost a lot of the structure in your life.

While living in a sober living facility, there are certain things you will learn about yourself. That’s why you have to make sure the time you spend in sober living provides you with the benefits you need. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the two most important objectives of sober living.

Distancing Yourself from Addiction 

Sometimes, all someone needs is a little extra time to distance themselves from their time as an addiction sufferer. They can get that extra in a sober living home where everything is geared towards helping them stay sober.

If this is what you feel you need, then the news is good. Most sober living homes will let you stay as long as you need until you feel your sobriety is on solid ground. If you go into sober living, follow the rules, and make good progress, you will be amazed at how quickly you will start to feel more secure.

Rebuilding Life Structure

While living in the cycle of addiction, you probably allowed your life structure to fall apart. There’s a good chance you hurt people close to you and did material damage to your financial security. What you need is time to rebuild your life structure.

A big part of the agenda in sober living is teaching you how to better manage your life. That’s why you would have so many rules by which to live. If you can build or rebuild your life structure, it improves your chances of staying sober and being happy.

Now that you have a better understanding of sober living, it’s something you might want to consider after getting treatment. However, first things first. You need to get yourself help for your addiction issues. We are here to help you do just that. For more information about our facility and treatment programs, we want you to call us immediately at (833) 922-2653. With one simple phone, you can put your life on the road to recovery from your addiction disease.

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