What’s It Like To Live In A Sober Living Home?

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A sober living home, also known as a halfway house, is a living arrangement specifically tailored for men and women in recovery. While it is meant as a temporary living arrangement, a sober living home provides residents the chance to undergo a permanent lifestyle change. This type of home teaches men and women in recovery how to go about their daily lives without the ongoing presence of alcohol or drugs. If you decide to stay in a sober living home, you will be held accountable for your actions and expected to live by the house rules.

If you are considering staying in a sober living home after a rehab program, you may be wondering what you can expect. What’s it like to live in a sober living home, and what will you be expected to do while you are a resident? Read on for more information.

Sober Living and How it Works

After you have completed a detox and recovery program you will be encouraged to stay in a sober living home, especially if you are not ready to take a chance amongst your regular living arrangements. This will allow you to slowly integrate yourself back into regular life while still receiving the structure you need to maintain sobriety. You will be away from potential triggers and the ongoing temptations to partake in addictive substances.

All residents of a sober living home will be assessed before being given a room. You’ll be asked questions about work or school, family life, your criminal background, any medications you take, the length of your sobriety, and your future plans. Sober living homes have a “house manager” who oversees all of the residents and takes care of the daily operations. He or she will want to understand your history and goals before they take you on. Some homes employ more than just one manager, especially if they have a large number of residents.

Daily Life in a Sober Living Home

Staying in a sober living home will give you the support you need if you start to experience drug or alcohol cravings. There will always be someone to turn to, day and night, if these feelings or other challenges arise. Support staff will be professionals in the drug and alcohol addiction field. Medical professionals are generally not part of the staff.

A sober living home provides structure for all residents, in the form of routines, rules, and chores. You will be permitted to leave to go to work or school. You may be given time to visit friends and family, depending on the facility. You must abide by the curfew and obey all house rules if you wish to stay in the home.

Addiction therapy sessions will be a daily occurrence during your stay. These may include 12-step meetings, group therapy sessions, and other addiction therapy sessions. Some facilities offer family therapy sessions for residents to attend. Attendance is a must when you agree to this type of arrangement.

Your day-to-day activities will be organized for you, although your work and school schedule may vary. The home will emphasize sobriety, self-care, and healing. You’re there to learn how to live without the crutch of drugs or alcohol once you leave the facility and go at it alone.

Rules of a Sober Living Home

While the rules vary according to the facility, most homes require the following:

• You are not permitted to partake in any alcohol or drugs. If you are taking prescribed medication, such as an antidepressant, you must inform the house manager beforehand.

• You will be asked to pay certain expenses towards your living arrangements.

• You must participate in group meetings and therapy.

• You will be given certain chores and will be required to keep your room clean.

• You must adhere to the curfew.

• You will not be allowed overnight guests. Visitors may be permitted on a limited basis.

• You will be held accountable for your whereabouts when you aren’t in the home.

• You must agree to random drug and alcohol tests.

Is a Sober Living Arrangement the Right One?

You may or may not wish to live in a sober living home after you complete treatment. It’s a big decision, but it is one you do not have to make alone. We can help. We’re here to provide you with the treatment you need for your addiction, whether it is to prescription drugs, illegal substances, alcohol, or even a combination of all three. Our team is here to fight for you. Call (833) 922-2653 today to hear more.

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