How can substance abuse services help you?

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One of the very first questions addicts and their family and friends ask is if substance abuse services actually work. Are they worth the time and cost? Will they give you the tools you need to live clean and sober? How many people relapse after rehab? Remember, your questions are always valid. Of course you want to know what will happen when rehab is over. If you or someone you love needs substance abuse services, read on to see how they can help.

It’s Hard to Compare Success Stories

Remember, every rehab will give you statistics that are related to their specific success rates. How they define success may differ from every other center. Some may say success is being clean for 30 days while others describe it as being clean for a year. It’s very difficult to compare various drug and rehab facilities to your individual needs.

However, detox and rehab centers are designed to help addicts in need, not the other way around. Residential and inpatient treatment centers will have the highest success rates while being the longest and most expensive options. Outpatient treatment centers may be easier to attend because of time and money constraints, but the success rates may not be as high.

Why You Should Choose Detox Services

Is it possible to get clean and sober on your own? Yes. Is it recommended? Not in the least. If you are heavily addicted to alcohol or drugs, you need to check into a reputable substance abuse center that offers a detox program. Severe addictions can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, especially for alcoholics. A substance abuse program with quality detox services will help you get off of the alcohol and drugs with medical assistance if needed.

If you require serious detox services, an inpatient treatment center in a hospital setting will be your best bet. You’ll be given a bed in a hospital or similar setting while you detox from the substances in your body. Remember, alcoholics often go through delirium tremens as they detox. The symptoms of this problem include shaking, sweating, irregular heart rate, shivering, and hallucinating. They can also be deadly if the addict is not medically monitored as they detox.

When you are checked into a substance abuse program you’ll have the support you need, day and night, as you go through detox. If you need medication for the withdrawal symptoms, you’ll get them from your doctor. It’s important to be away from your typical triggers when you are going through withdrawal. Otherwise, you will be more likely to give in to your urges and cravings. Being in a facility that monitors you during this difficult time is crucial to your sobriety.

The Role of Therapy During Rehab

It’s not enough to detox from the substances ravaging your body. You also have to learn how to live without them when you are done being a patient. This is where therapy sessions come in. While you are in a substance abuse program, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to take part in different therapy groups. In fact, they will likely be required while you’re there.

Let’s look at how therapy groups can help you:

Individual Therapy- Individual therapy gives you time to talk about your private problems, particularly any mental health issues you may have, with your therapist. You’ll typically have a private session every day while you are in rehab. It’s here where you will figure out the issues that trigger your substance use and how to get around them in the future.

Group Therapy- Group therapy is also required in most substance abuse centers. You’ll talk with other patients who know what you are dealing with within a safe setting. Talking to other addicts is very helpful when you are struggling with an addiction as they understand what you are going through. While it may be difficult to partake in the discussion in the beginning, you’ll soon feel comfortable with your peers enough to open up to them.

Family Therapy- In some substance abuse centers, family therapy will be an option after you go through detox. If your immediate family members wish to take part in therapy sessions with you, it can be extremely beneficial to your continued sobriety as you get better. If you can, take part in as many sessions as possible during your stay.

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